Nick Fazekas
Cedric Bozeman
Jamario Moon
Tanguy Ngombo
Anthony Wilkins
Bryon Dinkins

During his career as a Coach, Brian Rowsom has had an opportunity to aide in the development of some of the best basketball talent in the game.

From his own experience in the NBA, his extensive knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a player and his absolute passion for the game, Brian has been able to participate in the birth of the dreams of young talents whose desire was to one day play professional basketball.

Former players who have moved on to play in Europe or other pro leagues:

  • Nick Fazekas
  • Cedric Bozeman
  • Shane Nicely
  • Johnny Tyson
  • Ricky Clemons
  • Melvin Abrams
  • Mario Myles
  • Steve Cox
  • Kyle Julius
  • Radhi Knapp
  • Marqus Ledoux
  • DeRon Rutledge
  • Herman Favors
  • Dale Miller
  • Tommy Mitchell
  • Anthony Hatcher
  • Scooter Sherill
  • Brett Harper
  • Ryan Carroll
  • Curtis Nash
  • Marvin Dixon
  • Odie Donald
  • Antonio Burks
  • Terris Sifford
  • Andrew Washington


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